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Knowing the Integrated Pest Management System on Agribusiness

Integrated pest management in the agricultural sector these days started to demand by farmers, especially in developing countries, the farmers integrated pest control has hope in increasing the production and quality of agricultural products. This is highly related to the condition of the agricultural environment deteriorating, the application of integrated pest management expected to improve the condition of agricultural land into fertile and healthy again. We know that the soil which broken because one of them using chemical pesticides to control pests excessively and are not attach importance the natural ecosystem and cause many new problems, and a result we often find pest that are resistant and reduced the population natural enemies of pests plants with chemical pesticides are used. From the problems which continue to appear in pest control, then comes the integrated pest management system.
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The definition integrated pest management is an agricultural system in practice combines various plant protection system as a whole so that plants can grow well and the maximum. The application of integrated pest management in crop plants you expected the pests removal on plants can be successful and can increase agricultural productivity, not harming it economically, and do not damage natural ecosystems that exist in the agricultural environment, that's the purpose integrated pest management.

On the principle integrated pest management is to maximize the pest management or pest control by harnessing the power of natural elements which can control pests in order to remain on the conditions below the threshold which detrimental to farmers in the agricultural business. The application of integrated pest management adhering to the following principles:
  • Utilization of natural control to the maximum, can use natural enemies of insects and pathogens or bacteria as a natural pest control.
  • Management of ecosystems by altering habitat, this will make the lives of pests or microorganisms detrimental to farmers to be disturbed.
  • The use of pesticides wisely or it could replace the use of natural pesticides.
Integrated pest management can be understood by the system control pests and diseases in its application using a combination of physical and mechanical control methods, control how to grow crops, chemical control and biological control. How is the one used in the concept of integrated pest management. Here is an explanation of integrated pest management methods that you can apply in your farm.
  • Physically integrated pest management are frequently applied in conventional agriculture by control pests are directly visible on the plant.
  • Mechanically integrated pest management is management of with use of tools that we use in control pests, integrated pest control examples by using the tool is trapping pests so the pests on plants can be controlled, or use a pest spray. 
  • Integrated pest management by way of farming that is the way in cultivating you use quality seeds and planting by way of changing the crops you grow, so this method you can get the benefits integrated pest management at your plant, namely the cessation of the life cycle of the pest which you cultivated and can be be replaceable up with the arrival of new pests, so the integrated pest management concept, crop rotation farmers cultivated a very important has the effect in the success of pest control plants.
  • Integrated pest management chemically, this way you can use the condition is urgent and requires the use of chemical pesticides, invitation criteria pests on your plants is increasing rapidly, pest control chemicals tips pest control can do include targeted pests your plants, right dose or precision pest control and the number of active ingredients used in control pests on your plants, or you can use the pest control tips from me by using a very low cost and environmentally friendly.
Integrated pest management in sustainable agriculture will get a lot of benefits obtained by farmers on agribusiness it, this has been my practice and I am also grateful to be born in a country that pioneered the farming with a system integrated pest management and has successfully implement it, it makes me knowing bit much knowledge of integrated pest management and practice in agriculture business which I do, so on integrated pest management I have gained a lot of experience from start pioneered it until now, much will we get from observation and experience I have gained in the integrated pest management , those benefits including the following:

Integrated Pest Management Benefits
  • Reducing costs in agriculture business, pest control which not to use chemical pesticides can reduce the cost we spend, you can use alternative insecticides for example, you create your own organic insecticides to organic pest control or alternative pest control with maximize natural pest control include using a system refugia by utilizing natural enemies.
  • Can increase the productivity and quality of crops, integrated pest management at the application does not get the results instantly or in a very quick time, but with you apply in agriculture in a sustainable manner will be very good in your farm future, this is already ever experienced in improving the productivity and quality of agricultural products, I need at least 2 years also of agricultural land with the condition which I think is already categorized as critical.
  • Maintaining natural ecosystems, by applying integrated pest management and not to use chemical pesticides, the natural ecosystems in the agricultural environment you stay awake, and in the future you will be more benefit to the your agriculture business, because the population of pests can be controlled naturally and you also will easily handling the pests on your plants.
That is some experience that I have gained from pest control profits by applying integrated pest management, the most important thing you want to try and know the knowledge in pest control for farmers himself who will be the pest control experts on plants and can apply it in a sustainable manner, because basically integrated pest management is to get results future a better and does not damage the natural ecosystem, because basically nature already provides everything for a man, just how to find out how and apply it to get better results and does not destroy nature.
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So which I can convey and share with you about knowing the integrated pest management system, hopefully what I say to you easily understood and certainly useful for you, and if it's good for others please share him. Okay I end the discussion on this occasion and wish you could apply integrated pest management on your farm, see you at the next discussion.
"Greetings agriculture" And hopefully you always be successful in the agribusiness.

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